About Us
about3 Samy Yuseef:

Samy is co-owner of Tapping for Me. Samy has achieved the master level of this EFT work, as well as NLP work. He has been interviewed on over 30 t.v. programs in Egypt and the Middle East. Samy believes learning never stops, and that life is meant to be lived with compassion. Success in life means living with compassion and patience. Samy consistantly demonstrates these principals. He is from Cairo Egypt and now lives in Wisconsin, but has lived in Tennessee, New Jersey, and Hawaii, and loves to travel the world. Samy enjoys understanding how other people live and gains valuable insight through that.

Jennifer Isely:

Jennifer is the co-owner of Tapping For Me, an EFT Life Coach and a licensed Massage Therapist in Wi and Hi. She has lived most of her life in Wisconsin (and currently), some years in Illinois and most recently in Hawaii. Her soul’s calling is to lead people to a life of abundance, be stress-free, and pain free. Her commitment to empower people is relentless. Jennifer is also a volunteer team leader with Habitat for Humanity, leading teams around the world to help those in need.